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Nintendo-Okie Podcast - Episode 120
E3 has wrapped up for another year, but what did the Nintendo-Okie team make of this year's offerings? It's a full house on the podcast as six of the team get together to discuss all things E3, Non Specific Action Figure and of course, how the Wii U's launch line-up is shaping up. In the end, we all agree on one thing - E3 this year was something of a disappointment.

Nintendo-Okie Podcast - Episode 105
It has been well documented recently that UK gaming retailer GAME is in financial trouble. By losing their credit insurance they are now struggling to stock some of the biggest new releases, ultimately leading to fears of the chain closing down. To get a more focussed look on the problem, I guest star on this week's Nintendo-Okie podcast, discussing the problem from a UK perspective. I appear in the podcast from the 1:41:00 mark.

Occassionally I appear on gaming podcasts, discussing everything from the latest games to the big news stories of the week. An archive of audio clips in which I am a guest are located here.

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